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In the spring of 2019, we started organizing one-day pop-up events at Academia Club Ghetto, and offered the city of Split something new and different. In July, thanks to the accompanying performances that gave our events in the Ghetto a completely new dimension and brought a new audience, in addition to the permanent exhibition of “Split nomads” and their works, we organize performances that varied from an intimate evening with Veljko Popović, his animated films ( including awarding Cyclists), and musical vignettes, screenings of animated films by Lucija Bužančić and our member Ivan Svaguša Svagie, who enchanted us all by painting Sigh on the spot.

In August, we decided to focus on Split nomads and promote the very concept of the gallery. With the exception of the band New Gondoliers, the rest of the month was dedicated to the Split nomads and their works of art. We invited professional and amateur DJs, who added to the atmosphere with their eclectic selection of music.

And so, Spetember came, we reached our last Thursday of the summer season 2019. Despite the hot Split summer, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of local and foreign visitors. We had last-minute purchases of wedding gifts, enthusiasts who were delighted to buy something original in the city of Split, as well as customers who knew exactly what they wanted. All in all, it’s nice to hear in a casual conversation: “Yes, I’ve heard of Nomad, it’s that new gallery…”, from tourists who came to us on the recommendation of tour guides, hostel and hotel managers, and other friends of Split Nomad Gallery.

We should write a rather long list of thanks and friends, but let’s leave it for another time.. See you soon in new places, with new, bigger events.

Split Nomads