About the project

In an effort to offer the city of Split an original and distinctive creative outlet, we decided to launch one-day pop-up events in 2019. These events took place at Academia Club Ghetto every Thursday from the Feast of St. Duje until October.

For the first time ever, we introduced and exhibited the works of seven contemporary Split artists of “Split Nomad” – Marita Bulimbašić, Petar Miletić, Ivan Svaguša Svaig, Luka Duplančić, Petar Reić, Vinko Barić, and Mile Modic.

In addition to the graphics, photographs, and paintings of the permanent exhibit, the evenings were enriched by intimate gatherings and smaller performances.

In July, visitors had the opportunity to watch award-winning animated films by Veljko Popović (Cyclists, 2018) and enjoy musical vignettes. We also projected animated films by Lucija Bužančić and Ivan Svaguša Svaig, who also performed an audio-visual piece titled “Sigh-Disobedience“.

Throughout August, the nomad’s permanent exhibit was complemented by the sounds of professional and amateur performers of electric music, as well as the indie-folk band New Gondoliers.

On the last Thursday of September, we were filled with satisfaction and pleasantly surprised by the reactions of both foreign and domestic visitors who recognized the gallery – it was rewarding to hear in casual conversation: “Yes, I know about Nomad, it’s a new gallery in Split…” – whether from tourists who visited us based on recommendations from tourist guides or from hotel/hostel managers, enthusiasts, and all other friends of the Split Nomad Gallery.

We extend our gratitude to them, as well as to everyone who supported this initiative and contributed to its successful realization.