Split Nomad Gallery

Making art accessible with interventions

Split Nomad Gallery exemplifies the pop-up art gallery model, a concept of production, exhibition and promotion of art in Croatia which breaks traditional definitions of art and brings it closer to a wider audience. With this dynamic approach, we want to encourage discussion about the very role of artistic creativity for individuals and society. Exhibitions are no longer static displays of works, but a living organism that unites space, the artist and the observer. They are organized as multimedia pop-up events at alternative locations in Croatia, independently or in cooperation with cultural and artistic organizations, events and festivals. Our primary goal is to advance the Croatian art scene and make it available to the general public by creating a healthy art market.

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Our Association

Bridging the gap between artists and their public

The Split Nomad Gallery Association represents a group of like-minded people who believe that the development of society directly depends on the development of culture and art. We connect artists with the public by producing, exhibiting and promoting their work through pop-up events in different, unusual places, and by holding artistic residency programs focused on interventions in space.

In doing this, we want to redefine the concept of art, its accessibility and role in society, and the idea of the exhibition itself. Each pop-up event creates a relaxed, interdisciplinary space for promoting culture and bringing together people of different backgrounds. Each of our projects keeps in mind the principles of sustainable development, focusing on themes that are relevant and topical to society, the environment and the economy, while also fostering cultural diversity. In this way, the projects trigger reflection, interaction and dialogue between artists and the audience.

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