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SIGH-DISOBEDIENCE is an authentic audio-visual performance by Ivan Svaguša Svaig, held as part of the exhibition of the same name in the premises of the Ghetto Gallery.

SIGH-DISOBEDIENCE presents a complete series of paintings executed in the aerosol technique. The paintings show hidden compositions of women’s faces with a subtle suggestion of eros.
At the opening of the exhibition, the author gave a live performance on an electric guitar with a rhythm machine. The darkly erotic sound perfectly complemented the atmosphere with the images. All exhibited paintings and limited edition posters with visuals of hit works from the series of the same name could be purchased on the spot.

SIGH-DISOBEDIENCE is designed as a one-day exhibition: the opening is also the closing. Svaig, with the help of Frane Duil, played a second performance at the end of the evening, in honor of the closing of the one-day exhibition.