The project “Noisy comics” offers comic art as multimedia by connecting drawings, animation and soundtrack. The soundtrack is specially composed for each comic panel, while the animation, while maintaining the integrity of the comic, emphasizes the frames/scenes in accordance with the soundtrack, offering a new atmosphere and experience of the comic medium. Content-wise, the project thematizes the current social moment of the ‘new reality’ – personal states and introspection and the relationship between the individual and the common through comic poetry. One ‘noisily animated’ comic board will be published weekly on and social networks. The boards function separately, but also as part of a larger whole. At the end of the project, 48 comic strips are printed into a graphic novel with a QR code link to the music composed for the novel.

It will be distributed through public libraries. Illustrations and motifs from the published novel will be applied to T-shirts, bags, graphics and posters. The promotion of the “Loud comics” project will take place online via and and at multimedia pop-up events. If conditions permit, in accordance with the regulations in accordance with the Covid-19 situation, these interdisciplinary events will take place with a live musical performance, an exhibition of original comic strips, video projections of animated comic pages, and a stage performance, in collaboration with galleries, alternative exhibition spaces, and in as part of the art festival in Croatia.