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Summer is slowly coming to an end, and it’s a perfect time to go to Hvar!

In its first island edition, NoMAD MOVIE ART, in collaboration with Platforma Hvar wraps up Summer 2022 season in style.

The exhibition will premier all 22 movie posters, original interpretations of movie classics by authors from all over Croatia.

Each poster bears its creator’s personal, recognizable signature and skillfully combines elements of film, graphic design, illustration, typography, and photography while preserving the essence of the original film.

The exhibition opened at the city space of the FABRIKA 35 community with a movies-themed opening party in a relaxed atmosphere and of course some good movie music.

A perfect to end the summer… diving together into the world of film classics!

September 24 – October 5th, 2023 @ FABRIKA 35, Hvar

Platform Hvar & Split Nomad Gallery