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As part of ARTSHIFT, Split Nomad Gallery and Galerija Bar organized the opening of the exhibition Interspace, signed by our dear, extraterrestrial Petra Miletić.
Frane Duilo contributed to the creation of the ambience, who opened the exhibition with a musical performance, evoking the very visual of painterly expression.
In the words of the author, briefly about Interspace:
Too much noise, too little space. Lots of information, little significance. He would like to kill, but also stay there, trying to wriggle through space and time and break them down into simple factors. The abstraction of the relationship between form and color only serves as an attempt to understand what is actually happening in me and around me in the space in between.

About the author:
In March 1991, she came to the suite in Split. High school education in the 2nd language high school, then the Academy of Arts in Split. Painting as the main medium of expression, at least at the moment, experiments with different materials, and for all other information, please refer to the pictures – they say everything.