Residential High-rises in Glavicine by Stanko Fabris


In his minimalistic graphic design series DECODING, author Ivan Milas presents anthological works of Dalmatian socialist architecture. Once upon a time, these magnificent creations lived in symbiosis with space and their surroundings, but today they have fallen into oblivion and have been completely neglected. Through his minimalist design, the author reinterprets the original architectural concept of these capital achievements of Croatian modern architecture and points to their inevitable fate of neglect and decay.

The author’s work Residential High-rises in Glavicine by Stanko Fabris shows one of the three distinctive skyscrapers that make up a common unit of the mentioned district, designed by the above-mentioned architect. By choosing pastel colors the author refers to the fragility of buildings and their powerlessness in the face of decay.

  • 50×70 cm / Digital print on inkjet matt coated 228gsm paper
  • Limited edition / 200 prints
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