Our philosophy

Making art accessible with interventions

Split Nomad Gallery is a group of like-minded people who believe that the development of society is directly dependent on the development of culture and art. We want to redefine the concepts of art, its accessibility, and its role in society. Our pop-up art events in alternative locations promote contemporary art in an innovative way. Each pop-up event creates a relaxed atmosphere in which culture and art are promoted and people of different profiles and interests gather.

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The association

Bridging the gap between artists and society

The Split Nomad Gallery association connects artists with the public through their works’ production, exhibition, and promotion. Instead of traditional exhibitions, we organize multimedia pop-up events at alternative locations, independently and in cooperation with cultural and artistic organizations, events, and festivals. In addition to multimedia events and the production of artistic works, we organize art residency programs with a focus on interventions in space.

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