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Scenes of Serenity:
Exhibition of limited photographs

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and stop for your cup of peace and visual feast, in the relaxed atmosphere of VOGA Specialty Coffee Shop, where you can see our photo exhibition. The exhibition is open from 12th of May, at 19h.



The series of photographs SCENES OF SERENITY by Marita Bulimbašić presents the combination of everyday scenes from the islands and the hinterland of Split. The photographs are mostly depictions of peaceful moments lost in time.
In a role of an accidental passerby, Marita photographs moments of these quaint places, capturing the details and sights that catch her attention. The combination of land, sea, and dense atmosphere creates a symbiosis of characteristically different regions into a visually balanced, pleasing to the eye, and well-thought-out whole.