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A weekend of holiday gatherings, shopping and good music, the last weekend before Christmas.
Everything in one place • One stop shop!


Throughout the weekend you will have the opportunity to hang out with us, toast Christmas and of course do the rest of your Christmas shopping – from posters and graphics, to T-shirts, bags, and even some comic books.

On Saturday evening, starting at 21:00, we start the Xmas party with DJ Miki Rogulja and the sounds of post punk, garage, new wave and indie music. On Sunday, starting at 21:00, Minister of Leisure Mladen Vukšić, host of the unrepentant Radio KL, will take you on a musical journey back in time before electric guitars. Oldies but Goldies await you: big bands, swing, whiskey, beer and George Clooney’s aunt.
Come shop (and party) till you drop!