About the project

Split Nomad Gallery in collaboration with the Mediterranean Film Festival Split presented the 2nd edition of NoMAD MOVIE ART – Film classics through the eyes of Croatian authors.

8 renowned authors were gathered from all over Croatia to interpret newly chosen film classics through their medium, from their own personal and unique perspective. Authors were given complete design freedom in creating new and original visuals of well-known classics. The movie poster successfully resists the test of time, maintaining its cult value by combining film and fine art for audiences of all generations. In this extraordinary presentation of cinematic classics, the artists skillfully blend elements of film, graphic design, illustration, typography, and photography. Each poster carries the personal and distinctive signature of its creator, preserving the essence of the original films while infusing them with new life and perspective. The result is eight new movie posters that have withstood the test of time, retaining their cult value.

It is our great pleasure to finally present you this year’s authors and their artworks:

  1. Il Postino – Franka Tretinjak
  2. Saturday Night Fever – Tea Jurišić
  3. Seven – Mišo Komenda
  4. Predator – Ivan Milas
  5. Stalker – Vanja Cuculić
  6. The Godfather – Goran Radošević
  7. Rosemary’s Baby – Hana Tintor
  8. The Big Lebowski – Vjeran Juhas

In addition to the new interpretations, we also present 6 of last year’s as chosen by the audience:

  1. Blade Runner – Aida Tosuni Petričević
  2. Amarcord – Luka Duplančić
  3. The Warriors – Petra Ana Čubelić
  4. Conan The Barbarian – Mate Žaja
  5. The Meaning of Life by Monty Python – Ivan Svaguša
  6. Last Tango in Paris – Petar Reić

The goal of the project is, as always, to encourage and support artistic collaboration, production and audience engagement. Just like previous year, the background of film classics is always current and in its own way reaches different audiences, ensures cultural diversity and encourages dialogue.

All 14 movie posters were exhibited in the Bačvice Open Air Cinema for the duration of the festival, as well as available for purchase at promotional prices. The series of workshops for kids, MEDITERAONICA, was also organized this year as well.

Exhibition in Bačvice cinema (FMFS)

Exhibition premiere at Kino Bačvice.

Exhibition in Smartspace

Exhibition at Smartspace at the centre of Split.

Exhibition at Fabrika 35 in Hvar

Exhibition at coworking space Smartspace at the centre of Split.